2,800 pounds of CD jewelcases

Yup. 1.25 metric tonnes of jewelcases were just delivered to the local music library.

Many years ago, when nobody knew about long-term storage of CDs, the music library decided to save space by throwing out the original cases and storing the CDs in plastic sleeves. Well, now we know how bad that is, so the library has to put everything back into jewelcases.

The skids holding the delivery of cases are too heavy to put on the elevator.

Some poor work/study student is going to spend the rest of the summer taking CDs out of slipcovers and putting them into jewelcases (and labeling said cases).

And the new shelving for the CDs has to be put in a different part of the library; a part of the library that can handle the extra tonne and a quarter of dead load on the floor.

All while the service desk in the (very small) library is undergoing reconstruction.

And it has to be ready for September.


Remember not to stack those suckers too high... I would hate to see the headline: "Freak Jewel Case Avalanche Claims Life of Library Intern."

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