Annual: Day 2

Yesterday, I kept true to my vow to not set foot outside the convention center. I paid for it by developing a raging ice-pick-through-the-brain headache by late afternoon, owing to fluorescent lighting, stale air, and a couple of meetings held in moist rooms, overstuffed with people, and lacking any cool circulating air. I attended the Opening Session long enough to see Sandy Berman (woo! woo! we screamed) and Norman Horrocks receive their lifetime memberships (sorry Richard Clarke) before hightailing it back to my room where I dosed myself with Bendadryl and ibuprofen and dined on a soggy baked potato, chicken salad and mint Milano cookies.

My good pal Mimi called at 11:47 p.m. to see if I was ready to go out. Lame-o that I am, I declined the opportunity to drink for free, courtesy of a vendor expense account, and conked back out to rest up for another marathon day.

Highlights from yesterday: An excellent session on diversity, or lack thereof, in library leadership. It was a panel discussion featuring several ethnically diverse directors and library school deans who talked about their struggles, challenges, and successes. In a way, it's a shame there weren't more white people there--I think those who are in hiring positions should hear such stories. I was covering the program for Cognotes, but came away with a much better understanding of what it's like for others. It was just generally inspirational as well. Ling Hwey Jeng, the only minority dean of a library school closed her talk by saying that if change occurs, it has to benefit everyone.

Looked for LISNewster mdoneil, but couldn't find the FSU booth on the exhibit floor. Where ya be, Matt? Met Michael McGrorty at Council Orientation and chatted with Bill "Unshelved" Barnes at the booth. I won't leave the conference without a "Read Responsibly" t-shirt. An appalling number of women in hose and pinchy shoes, and men in full metal conference jacket. Maybe some people can dress like that and be comfortable...???

A couple of awesome storms. Yesterday's was mostly rain and thunder and lightning, but Friday night was a meteorogically notable lightning storm that hit as many folks were out and about exploring Orlando.

Today's plan: Amy Goodman in a few minutes. Lots of Council stuff this morning, booth duty for ALA's Public Programs Office and the ol' alma mater, Illinois. Will wedge in a couple programs (maybe Arthur C. Clarke) to write up for Cognotes before heading off to GSLIS alumni reunion and, perhaps, an LJ reception.

Biggest kick: the newly launched Graphic Novel pavilion on the exhibits floor. Called my daughter for a shopping list last night.
Major annoyance: piped music in the convention center. I don't think I've ever heard music in a CC before. Argh.

Over and out. Wish me a headache-free day.


Salute you for blogging from ALA!Best wishes for a headache free tomorrow.

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