Bush's Hitler ad

Bush has an ad at www.georgebush.com that splices comments from various Democrats with video of Hitler. But its not just video of Hitler, it is actual clips from MoveOn's ad they made of Bush. You can see Hitler morph into Bush, you can see the subtitles of Hitler speaking in German actually talking about Al Queda and Iraq. The whole point of the ad is to point out the outrageous charges being leveled at Bush. There is no comparison of the Democrats with Hitler, Bush is simply putting out the comparisons Democrats made of Bush with Hitler.


Of course, you know as well as the rest of us that the "Bush-Hitler" ad was just one of more than a thousand submitted to MoveOn's "Bush in 30 Seconds" contest. It didn't win the contest; it wasn't even a finalist. It does NOT represent the views of most Democrats in any way, shape, or form.Of course, that didn't stop the Bush campaign fom picking that one video out of all those submitted and presenting if it were as representative of their opponents' opinion.And you're doing the same thing. Your sentence doesn't read "comparisons MoveOn made of Bush to Hitler" or "comparisons a MoveOn reader made;" nope, it was "comparisons Democrats made," as if that video spoke for everyone in the Democratic Party.For someone who has expressed anger in his past comments over liberals who make broad, sweeping generalizations about conservatives and Republicans, it's awfully ironic that you're doing the exact same thing to Democrats, don't you think?

Sadomasochism isn't necessarily bad either! Sometimes we do some roleplaying with me as Lynndie England and my husband as *Ahmad* and it can get really exciting! Try it! You might like it!Captain Yvonne Ma'am

You'd have to level every government building in Iraq to get rid of the taint of Saddam Hussein. It just wasn't practical. In fact using his own homes as bases for the army I considered a good symbol of defeat of Saddam, and i would think the same would apply to using the prisons appropriately. And all 'torture-lite' aside, Abu Gharib was still a more terrible place before we came then after.

Greg,Please go back and read my message. I said the lapse of judgement was USING ABU GHARIB at all. That's a building that should have been knocked down at the same time as Saddam's statue. Instead we reopened it under new management. Even if all of our folks were angels, that was still a bad idea.

considering its as bad if not worse than the MoveOn adsHow do you know that? Have you seen it?
  I think its safe to say that mainstream Democrats think exactly those things about Bush.And you just did it again! Your original post was all about people on the left who demonize their opponents and make broad, sweeping generalizations about them, and yet you've now done the exact same thing - twice! So, apparently, the rules you castigate your political adversaries for not adhering to, don't apply to you?

your average non-political junkie probably won't know who most of those people are.

As for lapse of judgement, the idea that every single soldier can be controlled to the nth level is wishful thinking. And have we forgotten the officer who was forced to retire just for holding a gun to a suspect's head, scaring him into providing information that saved other soldiers lives? (I think he may have fired a round, not sure)

Torture-lite is not a bad thing, sadomachism is a terrible thing and a sign of poor discipline.

I viewed on the web three times and couldn't make out the subtitles, except for one instance of "move-on." That was on the same screen space. Either you have sharper eyes or have better screen resolution.I'd have to agree with you that the subtitles would be more obvious on a 19" TV set, but agree with Fang-Face that your average non-political junkie might well miss the distinctions. Of course, I think the main thrust of the ad isn't "Democrats are Nazis" but WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT ABOUT?Unlike Fang-Face, I don't think you should write the RNC to pull the ad. If the RNC wants to keep showing Al Gore reminding us that we pulled off "torture-lite" in Saddam's old torture rooms, that's fine with me. It's a lapse of judgement (using Abu Gharib at all) that I hope the Administration is held accountable for, along with many other misjudgments.

This is true, they say it slipped through their screening process. But again, considering everything else thats been said I don't believe that. I don't really care either, the initial post was a clarification on the Bush ad. I don't browse MoveOn's website often enough to care what they say or do.

I 'casually' viewed it on the web, as in once and only once and I managed to pick up the morph and the subtitles and that was on about 3-4 inches worth of screen space. If it were to show on a 19 inch television or larger it would be even easier to pick up.

Press release about the ad, submitted as part of a contest NOT made by MoveOnhttp://moveonvoterfund.org/smear/release.html

There is no comparison of the Democrats with Hitler, Bush is simply putting out the comparisons Democrats made of Bush with Hitler.

That might hold water if the Bush campaign had not included the clip in an attack ad. As it stands, there is nothing to indicate that such might be the case to the casual viewer. As a result, the ad will be perceived as equating Democrats with Nazis by everyone, including -- or perhaps especially -- republican voters. You might want to write to the Bush campaign and advise them to pull the ad and correct it.

Considering the attention Moore's film is getting (its playing at ALA and Ebert gives it a thumbs up) and considering its as bad if not worse than the MoveOn ads then I think its safe to say that mainstream Democrats think exactly those things about Bush.

Um, okay. Fair. More than anyone needed to know but as someone who has researched domination in the past thats a fair argument. Let's just say it doesn't belong in the military. [absolutely not going to comment further]

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