Mea culpa

Good grief. I apologize profoundly for the previous journal entry. I should really know better.

Although it has been educational. Greater minds than mine have told me:

What I know and don't know, e.g., about who has weblogs (They're psychic!) (And they presumably know which weblogs I already do and don't read.)

What matters and what's irrelevant.

That I don't know much about conservatives.

Guess I'll just go on my ignorant way. Albeit with one weblog added to my aggregator.


Yes, there are some out there who might fit the label of conservative librarian. I consider myself one of them. Whether or not the postings on my Family Man Librarian blog (see URL above) are deemed thoughtful is for others to decide. Most of my librarian friends (and yes, they are friends) are way to the left of me socially/politically, but I'm used to it and am comfortable with (and benefit from) their different viewpoints. Many of them read my blog even though they may strongly disagree with my beliefs.

I also am a Christian who works at an evangelical Christian institution. I agree with those who've already commented that the words conservative + Christian tend to be lumped together constantly and that's not always the case. I may be conservative and a Christian (two strikes against me ;-)) but I am passionate about my work as a librarian, and in spite of the labels, I find more, rather than less, common ground with my more liberal friends and colleagues on many issues affecting the profession, particularly with respect to its role as a societal good, a service in the best sense, and in the role of technology.

Just a warning, Family Man Librarian is a personal blog. I write it for me and my family as a record of our life, of which my professional work is a big, but not the main, part. If you don't like or care about the family/faith/gardening/etc. stuff, just zero in on the "Librarianship" category and skip everything else.


Thanks. I've added your blog to my BlogLines.

Hi Walt,1) I know LISJournals aren't technically blogs, but try adding ChuckB's journal feed if you haven't already. ChuckB is one of most thoughtful and civil online conservatives that I'm aware of. He's not afraid to argue, but he will do it respectfully and with better sources than Ann Coulter articles.2) I think the "mea culpa" is tounge in cheek, but if not, let me say that not only do you have nothing to apologize for, most of the people who left comments do.If a conservative poster here left a journal entry: Wanted: Liberal Librarian Bloggers that said:"Can anyone recommend some blogs from some THOUGHTFUL liberals? By thoughtful I mean:a) Someone who isn't a Castro supporter.b) Someone who understands that America is at war.c) Someone who realizes that property isn't theft.d) Some who understands that children are different from adults and deserve protection from pornography."I would hope that they would get some suggestions and not insults. The poster would have described his comfort level in listening to other opinions and might have gotten to read some interesting thoughts contray to their world view. No direct insult to liberal librarians intended.I think this is clearly what you offered and my thanks to mdoneil and the few others who offered constructive suggestions. The others I think missed an opportunity to have someone outside their bubble share in their thoughtworld.Sadly, I also have to criticize Blake here. While I believe it's true that the LOUDEST conservative voices, especially in gov't, are Christian, the conservative gambit covers many faiths. In addition, many people of Christian faith, such as myself, hold to many beliefs usually associated with liberal or progressive thought. Just try to be pro war at a Catholic Worker meeting. They won't beat you, but yours would be a minority of one.I've got to dash to work or I'd say something about your orchard posting -- looks fun.

Hi Daniel,

I read most LISNews journals anyway, browsing once a day or so directly in LISNews rather than via aggregator. I certainly read ChuckB's journal, and I think your take on it is about right.

I like your counterpart suggestion...

And, yes, if I hadn't given up on the other stream of comments, I would have noted that I think Blake was extreme in his comment. I think the evangelical conservative stream is part, but certainly not all, of conservatism (just as the Coulter Crowd is certainly not all of conservatism), and I'm reluctant to make any religion:politics connection.

(Altho, noting one person who seemed personally wounded by it, I would note that any conservative who isn't ready to read Ann Coulter the riot act should develop a thick skin about personal insults. Last I checked, no liberals had claimed that all conservatives are traitors!)

How many liberal librarians are there compared to how many conservatives? The more you have of anything the more subcategories you can break it down into. If he had asked for thoughtful conservative *non-librarian* blogs maybe I wouldn't have gotten so flippin ticked. I also wouldn't have been so ft'd if Walt was a newbie but those numbers next to our call tags do carry a little weight.

For every Ann Coulter there is a Ted Rall, Michael Moore, Al Franken and Molly Ivins.

Without even getting into the comparisons (for every Molly Ivins there is a Rush Limbaugh, the whole bloody WSJ staff...), I note again that, to the best of my knowledge, none of those you name *except Ann* see fit to label those who disagree with them as traitors.

I don't regard that as a minor distinction.

Maybe not traitors but I have heard some pretty prominent Democrats and liberals call conservatives Nazis. I could run a couple of LEXIS-NEXIS or WestNews searches.

Why arguing with librarians is futile:

" I could run a couple of LEXIS-NEXIS or WestNews searches."

I hate to admit it but sometimes I use my librarianship for evil. I called the chairman of MCI (Bernie Ebbers at the time) at home after I asked for the sixth time for their telemarketers to stop calling me. Joy, his wife took the message- a lovely woman. They stopped calling.

Viva LexisNexis, Viva Reed Elsevier!

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