Operation Tiger Claw

Interesting account of a high school student exercising his free speech rights.

Here is the link.


Free speech? Sure. I'll defend the kid...but he comes across as another spoiled child of privilege with a lot of time on his hands. I'd like to know who's bankrolling the brat. I suspect thar's gold in them thar hills.

I agree the school succeeded in only making this kid a martyr. A simple everything goes would have better.

when given the choice between hanging everything or nothing, had just said "fine, everything comes down, now get back to studying."

Sure a content-neutral ban would have worked but that would have made the story boring.

I assume you're not the same AP as the one I replied to? That person said
I don't know about spoiled but I did link and the guy is a Nazi.

I have my own ideas about their motivations but then whenever I hear someone start ranting about "The Left" or "The Right" with some combination of blaming people with a certain viewpoint for most of the world's evils, my mind just starts going "blah blah blah blah blah" and I get distracted by something shiny.

I don't like war and I don't like that I have family members in danger because of it, but that was their choice. But... oooh shiny... *gets distracted*

Ahem. Anyway, I'm just trying to make up my own mind, and it's hard enough without anonymous people saying things like "He's a Nazi" without backing it up. Spoiled...maybe...I could see that, but I don't know where the Nazi thing came out of.

Re-reading this, it sounds like I'm complaining at you, which isn't what I'm trying to do. Just trying to educate myself via people on both sides :) and wanting more explanation of the other AP's post.

Sure seems to work for you!

hiding behind the 1st Amendment.

Isn't that what the 1st Amendment is for, a shield?

I don't think they're "Nazis" just some kids screwing around doing pranks & hiding behind the 1st Amendment. Not worth fussing over.

I admire the kid's courage but I kinda wish the principal,when given the choice between hanging everything or nothing, had just said "fine, everything comes down, now get back to studying."

hmm... I think that if any teenager is enlightened enough to have a political viewpoint then he should be able to express it. I do not agree with him but he should express it.

I don't have the time to go through the whole ProtestWarrior site. Can you point me to which guy (the kid? or the guys in charge of ProtestWarrior?) is a Nazi and why?

Ah, more rational discourse from the more enlightened wing of LISNews. Keep it up.

I don't know about spoiled but I did link and the guy is a Nazi. Check the link to ProtestWarrior. Just like I'd notify the US Attorney about Islamists I think they need to know about these guys. Nothing to do with free speech - these guys are dangerous.

I don't know who these guys are at "Protest Warrior" but I too have my suspicions about their political bent. You want some proof regarding whether they are "Nazis". Fair enough. I'm not ready to say they are Nazi's, but I DO find their imagery and phrases to describe their outfit VERY interesting. Their logo is quite similar to the statues that were placed all over Germany during the Nazi era. In fact, Hitler's Reichschancellery featured a statue of a naked man brandishing a sword right at the front entrance. Also, the term "Wolverines" is straight out of Nazi Germany also. The "Wolverines" was the name of Himmler's post-war terror squad that was organized to resist the Allied occupation. They were left behind in order to kill Allied soldiers and place bombs at Allied headquarters. Also notable is the emphasis this group places on fighting "communism" or "statism" as they put it. The Nazis viewed their struggle as being primarily against commmunists and Jews, so the anti-communist thread that runs repeatedly though Protest Warrior's rhetoric does make me wonder who these people really are, and who is backing them financially. Can anyone else shed some light on this group? I suspect there is more to this organization than meets the eye. This is one outfit that is just begging for investigation by a good news reporter.

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