New blog at website

I got everything finished and uploaded for my new blog at my personal website. Using Easy Blogs, like the name implies, is pretty easy. Once you get a feel for their templating system, you can put blogged content on pretty much any type of page you wanted. If you wanted it in a side bar or side box, that's possible. Just specify that in your code using the freeware template package.

Chances are I'll still use both LISNews and my site for blogging. Easy Blogs is client side only, so I really can't post thoughts on the personal site while I'm at work, but I can with LISNews. Anyhow, anyone who's interested can check out my site here and my blog here.


Psst! Dude! D-e-i-g-n. ;-)

Yeah, I hate it too when you wash the fingers and then you can't do a thing with them.

About the background at your site; did you do body painting on the chick with the nipple rings, or is that body-art? Either way, very nice work. And such a teasing pose. . . .

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