Incredible Stupidity, Ignorance and Incompetence All Around

The 9-11 Commission says we couldn't shoot down hijackers if they were in hot air balloons on a calm day: Here's a recent public opinion survey about who Americans blame for the mess related to 9/11

Top this off with the asinine nonplanning that occurred related to the "runup to war" with Iraq and the perversity of US soldiers (and their commanders) who felt it's ok to humiliate Iraqis in the most PR-damaging way possible and I am absolutely pissed off at everyone in charge of the US right now.


You are pissed off. What are you doing about it?

That poll is great, but I thought it was an organized group of terrorists who hijacked airplanes that was responsible for the 9/11/2001 not Bush,the CIA, the FBI, the Salvation Army or anyone else.

Sure there were failures, the most important failures were the private contractors that handled security for United and American Airlines. I no longer fly either of those airlines, nor Ted.

So use your anger in a positive way. At the least vote, and be an informed voter. Run for office, throw your support- and not just rhetoric- behind the candidate of your choice.

We can't suck too much at disaster management because the rest of the world seems all too happy to call America-911 when a disaster strikes in their country.

Unprepared, how can anyone prepare for attacks like those? What once would have been an outrageous work of fiction has become reality. Get used to it, hundreds of millions of people hate you simply because you are from the States.

I didn't say I hate America, just that those in charge seem to have sustained a concussion on 9/11 and appear to have been dozing at their desks a bit before that.

Oh yes I'm going to vote.

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