Dressing down in Orlando

Last time ALA Annual was in New Orleans, someone at headquarters did a smart thing: They suggested, through a variety of means, that we all dress down for the occasion--shuck those coats & ties in the heat and humidity of the Big Easy.

It worked pretty well. Of course, some folks would never be seen at a conference in less than a three-piece suit and perfectly coordinated tie & shirt, and some exhibitors would be violating sacred dress codes to even consider such a thing, but for some of us (who don't wear coats & ties at work, but usually do when at a conference), it was liberating.

I haven't seen any such effort for Orlando. It's going to be hot and humid there, too--probably a little hotter than Nawlins, from what I'm seeing.

Last time I spoke at Florida Library Association, in Orlando, they not only discouraged overdressing, they had the Dress Code Squad: Wear a tie, pay a buck to their scholarship fund. (I had some fun with it at the opening keynote--started out the talk in a proper coat & tie, was interrupted by a whistle blast from the Dress Squad, paid the buck, then peeled off the coat, tie, and dress shirt, continuing the keynote in the tropical shirt underneath. And, of course, wore tropical shirts for the rest of the conference.)

So, since nobody's done it formally, I'm doing it informally, at least for some of us:
Open collars in Orlando!

I'm not even taking ties. Short-sleeved shirts, tropical shirts, whatever: That's the ticket.


In my former life, conference attendees that wore socks were looked upon as suspiciously overdressed. But then, the life of the Unix hacker is very different from that of the librarian.

Next week I'll be in Salt Lake City. I have absolutely no intention of taking any ties with me, but I will be wearing socks.

Man-- now you tell me.

I just bought a seahorse tie and a itty bitty shell tie to wear at ALA to keep with the Florida theme.

I'll be at the FSU booth in case anyone wants to see them. Check early as I may lose them by noon.

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