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I've recently hunted down some blogging software that would work well with my website and ISP's webserver. Unfortunately, right now my ISP's webserver doesn't support much. No PHP, limited if any CGI, no Perl access, nada. Sometimes I'm surprised the damn thing suports HTML and CSS. Anyway, I needed something that was almost 100% client side and would work with my existing layout.

I found a programme called Easy Blogs that actually does just that. Basically you can use their prefab templates, which are pretty decent in and of themselves. Or you can create your own using a freeware template maker also available from Uuba. While it's kinda short on the whole documentation thing, I was able to get a template going, using my original page HTML and CSS, in less than an hour. Now that I know how to do it, I could probably create a new template using any HTML in less than fifteen minutes. It's just that damned easy.

I guess the full version is US$24.95. Which isn't bad since it'll handle pictures, links, and even has an RSS feeder. I'll probably order it today or tomorrow. The shareware version, while limited, is worth a look to see if you want to go with it.

For people like me who really can't afford, nor support Movable Type, this really is the next best thing. Now I can update my page on regularly and more often than I have been.


Bloxsom is a FREE good one. It seems that Bloxsom can be configured in a way that will run on some versions of Windows.

Read this specifications page to see if it fits your needs.

I've seen a few people switching to WordPress from MovableType, since MT appears to be heading more towards a retail model. I just read over some of the features of WP, and it looks rather appealing. I've been using MT for almost two years, but I may consider switching to a different tool.

I'll second Anna's call for Wordpress, it's easy to use and easy to install. It only runs on MySQL though.andYou need a Different Web Host!

But it does require PHP and my SQL, which isn't exactly what you're looking for.

I suppose you've thought about Blogger through Google and that sort of option?

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