Computers down

Over the Memorial Day weekend, the folks in IT stayed all weekend performing upgrades and network reconfigurations on our computer systems. As of today, we're still not back up completely. Our automation system (Gaylord Polaris) is working about 95%. We're able to do everything except print check-out, hold, and fine receipts. Needless to say, when they get the printers back up I'm going to be up to my ass in reserved books.

Our Internet connectivity has been in and out more than a stud on a porn flick, and our e-mail is accessible, but not capable of logging us in. In other words, we can access the website for our e-mail, we just can't log in. This is the second day we've gone without e-mail.

I hate days like this. It's not ITs fault, but it's gonna be at least Friday before we're back up 100%. And that's probably an optimistic prediction.

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