At the library -- porno and porno seekers


This Editorial from Michigan Live provides another view from MI.

I\'m a First Amendment kind of guy and I
value the freedom of the press and
freedom of speech, but I think what is going on here
doesn\'t have anything to do with the freedom of anything
except the freedom to look at people involved in carnal
pleasures. The fact of the matter is that there is an
abundance of adults who are intrigued by pornography,
and they want to take a peek at it every so often.Of course, it is probably politically incorrect (and in
these days maybe even illegal) to generalize about
sections of the population, but I would say that most of
the porno peekers are men. It is my theory that they are
behind the anti-filter fight. The Internet provides easy
access to pornography and what\'s even better, it\'s free.
It\'s a porno paradise.

The naughty stuff on the computer does away with the
need to go into \"adult\" bookstores where they might be
seen by their minister or their friends entering or leaving.
And, of course, pornography magazines are real
expensive compared to other magazines. A good full
color porno mag can run around $20 or more. Since
they are all sealed, it\'s like buying a pig in a poke.

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