Astrology Woman

We all have patrons whose names we're never quite sure of, but they get honorary titles: Spelling Woman, the Mad Pooper, Draw-er of Hitler Mustaches on Public Figures in the know 'em. Today's call came from Astrology Woman. She often calls to ask for the birthdates of famous people or newsmakers so that she can do their astrology charts. Today, she wanted the birthdates of a couple of young women who have been abducted. What really baffles me is when she asks for birthdates of dead people. What good is an astrology chart when you're dead?


Astrologers do charts for dead people all the time. Often it's to study the charts and see how the birth chart/progressed charts indicate life events.

It's also good for practising astrology--and I'm thinking more of (dead) famous people's charts here (you know, JFK, Elvis, folks like that). It helps because when the astrologer casts the chart and interprets it, they have the person's life, what is known to have happened and what they were like to compare it to. I'm not sure how clear my explanation is.... You also have people who are fascinated by certain dead people and have to know everything about them.

Ah, yeah. I'm a (very) amateur astrology buff.

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