Another ALA Anomaly?


The SRRT has taken an unbalanced definitively pro-Palestian stance in the current conflict with Israel. They pass a resolution concerning the destruction of Palestinian libraries and culture and say nothing about the murder of Israeli civilians. They also have generated a list of Alternative resources on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which contain some of the most hateful terrorist sites on the net. It seems from their actions that the defintion of prejudice and oppression is their own with a strong piece of ultra-left almost anarchistic slant. How come others don't see this unbalanced policy.
They also have alternative resources on the war in Iraq. Somehow the world and members of our profession are silent in the face of injustice posing as justice.

I know it sounds like splitting hairs, but I think it's fair to say that SRRT is without a doubt a "human rights organization." However, I *think* it's true that most of their resolutions fail to be passed by ALA Council, precisely because ALA doesn't see "human rights" as part of their mission.SRRT is part of ALA, but I don't think that it is the same thing as ALA.On the other hand, I don't follow ALA and SRRT politics as closely as I used to.As long as Eli put in a word about Iraq, there are some interesting things to think about this week. The presence of sarin in an artillery shell was established beyond doubt by a second round of tests, and, according to World Net Daily, one of the names on a Fedayeen roster was a close match for a name of an attendee at an al-Qaeda summit in Indonesia prior to 9/11.I'm reserving judgment on whether this means 1) Iraq really did have large stockpiles of unconventional weapons when the war started and 2) whether Iraq aided the 9/11 hijackers. It's possible that the shell was a dud fired prior to 1991 and was scavenged and it's possible that the name match is a coincidence.However, I'd certainly change my mind if new information comes to light and I will be watching for it. Perhaps, as you've said it really is a matter of patience after all. Time will tell.

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