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A new car!

Bought a new car last night, a nifty 2004 Chevy Aveo. I seem to have a thing for Chevys. I'm selling an S-10 pickup, I still own my S-10 Blazer, and now I have an economy car by the same manufacturer. While I love my Blazer, the gas milage isn't all that much to speak of. It's not as bad as a Hummer (10 miles per gallon) but it's still not great. I do have a motorscooter, Honda Elite 50cc, that gets around 100 miles per gallon, so when I go somewhere, that's what I usually drive. Besides, it's a kick to ride.

Meanwhile the Aveo gets 26/34 miles per gallon city/freeway. Not bad, and since my wife will be driving it more than I am, we'll spend a lot less on gas per month than we were before.


I own a Chevy blazer, 4x4 4door 4.3litre 91ish variety. Far cry from the 22mpg city driving I had with the ole' 86 new yorker. Currently I get only about 14mpg, when the U.S. EPA website lists it at supposing to have 17. Oh well.
Anyway, should you need any help with your blazer I've found to have a good, albeit small, forum community.