Per un Pugno di Polvere Nera

Last night, while working on the site update, I had a brainstorm. The title of the open source RPG I'm writing is officially Per un Pugno di Polvere Nera or For a Fistful of Gunpowder in English. I wanted to give it an Italian name since that's the genre, and I wanted to sound kind of like a Sergio Leone film title. Leone did two movies with such a title, Fistful of Dollars and Fistful of Dynamite. So I figure this fits.

While searching around last night for some ideas, I came across another site with a spaghetti RPG using d20 called Wanted: Dead or Alive. It looked pretty cool, but I want to refrain from looking at it too much because I don't want an overlap of ideas. Looks like an Italian group doing the work too! I lost the link, but as soon as I find it again, I'll post it.

The site update is coming along pretty well and I finished the library portion of it last night. I hope to get one section done per night now that all the layout and setup stuff is done. Some things will transfer over from my old site, but other stuff is going to be new and orignal.

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