Open Sourced RPG Revisited

Okay, now that I have some things down on paper and core stuff is coming along nicely, I'll actually talk about the open sourced RPG book I'm working on.

The title is tentative, so I'm not going into that yet. The concept deals with role playing in the American West as depicted by spaghetti westerns. I don't expect this to be some kind of hit or anything, but it's something that I thought might be kind of fun to work on and, eventually, play. I've got quite a bit of the first parts in the computer and I'm trying to edit as I go. The core mechanic is the d20 Modern Open Gaming License developed by Wizards of the Coast, so the entire thing will be OGL material.

However, I'm not putting together just some stuff in a new concept, this will utilize the d20 system, but there will be additions to the system to reflect the tone and style of the spaghetti western. I intend to include original art done by yours truly, partly because of the fun factor, but mostly because I work for cheap, especially if it's for myself.

I'm in the midst of a redesign on my website which is why it hasn't been updated for a while. After I get everything coded, I'll be posting text, art, and other surprises there. So stay tuned!

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