Feedback Desired, and Notice of Absence

Here's where I really would like comments--but don't expect a response until May 28 or later, because I'll be Internet-free until then.
(That's also true if you send email to my usual email addresses regarding this stuff: Expect delayed response.)

Specifically: If you read Cites & Insights and want to see it continue, which of these possible means of support would interest you?

  • Donation: You might make a PayPal donation.
  • Volumes as Books: You or your library might pay $30-$35 or so for full volumes, 8.5x11, with index, in perfect-bound print form (via a publish-on-demand service).
  • Value-added Books: You or your library might pay $25-$35 (depending on length) for 5x8 perfect-bound books consisting of copy from Cites & Insights gathered thematically or in other meaningful ways, with introductions and updates as appropriate.
  • Tchotchkes: You might buy caps, coffee mugs, or other nonsense with appropriate logos and stuff.

    The published query included the possibility of paid separate-article-in-HTML posting, but I think that's really improbable. Sponsorship is still possible, if unlikely.

    Feel free to reply here if that's easier than sending me email at [name] wcc [domain]

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    1) Donation - I might make a donation.
    2 & 3) Volumes as books or value added books- I don't think I would pay for this. I don't do collection development for my library, but since we don't have an extensive LIS collection I suspect my library wouldn't buy them either.
    4) Tchotchkes - They would have to be some very impressive tchotchkes. I think the one time I considered buying tchotchkes of this sort it was to support a long running free web comic and the graphics on the tchotchkes were really good.
    If you were selling a replica of the yellow "Kiss the Librarian" mug that Giles had on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I'd buy that in a heartbeat :)

    I'd make a donation via paypal, but I don't want any physical products be they books or tchotkes. My home is too briming full of stuff as it is!Welcome to the wild and wooly world of LISNews journalling, or "blogging-lite" as you I think rightly call it.I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but it kind of surprises me that someone as well published as yourself would want yet another forum, even if you're not promising large volume output. I'm not saying you're overexposed, just possibly overworked!Take care,Daniel

    If you were selling a replica of the yellow "Kiss the Librarian" mug that Giles had on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I'd buy that in a heartbeat :)

    Oooh, so would I!
    I would definitely be more likely to make a donation than to do any of the others, Giles mug excepted. I very much enjoy "Cites & Insights," by the way, and hope it continues.

    that says it all. I would donate.

    Group reply to the responses so far:


    I'll set up a PayPal account soon, after I check on some site issues (and catch up with things!).

    I'll keep thinking about value-added items.

    Re Giles' mug: Have you checked various official and unofficial Buffy sites? Seems like the kind of thing they'd have...(and might view badly someone else using their probably-trademarked design)

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