Clap on! Clap off!

Oh my, today was a craptastic day. I work in cataloging and we get to work at 7am. When my boss got to work this morning the maintenance staff was standing outside (not a good sign). When I got there the emergency lights were on (an even worse sign). Then we have no internet, and are told that we're running on 1 box of emergency power and it could go at any time. YAY! The power goes totally out (not even the exit signs were lit) 3 times, the last time the power was out for nearly 3 hours. The whole time, we're closed to the public but we have full staff wandering the halls. Now, this wasn't such a huge deal for public staff (they have windows) but those of us that work in the basement were screwed. You couldn't see more than 1 inch in front of you in the hallways, and in our office. We were gathered at the windows like moths. And yet, no one gets sent home. The power was out for t-minus 2 hours and counting, we find out we need a new transformer and the director says "Go to lunch, we'll reassess at 1pm". Umm, reassess? Reassess what, the fact that we still don't have power? Meanwhile, we're working in a building that has zero security, zero emergency lights, no ac, no phones, and no one in admin seems to think this is a concern. WHEEEEE!!! We might not even be back online tomorrow but we all still get to go in and pretend it's a normal day! Maybe I'll take a personal day tomorrow. Geez.

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