The ALA Homepage: Worse than I imagined

OK, so I know that the new ALA homepage is a mess, and I know that everybody knows this, but I just tried to use it to find something, and it is impossible!

Where on the homepage do I go to get to a list of divisions? That is, I am at the ALA Homepage and I want to click on something to get to the ACRL homepage. There's nothing obvious, so I tried "Our Association", although I wasn't too hopeful. I didn't see anything, so I continued on to "Profesional Tools", "Libraries & You", and "Issues & Advocacy". Nada. Nothing on any of them.

Just now, while writing this entry, I went back and I found the divisions list on the "Our Association" page, but it's hardly very obvious, given that many members primary interaction with the association is going to be via a division.


Part of the site map is alphabetical, part isn't. What gives? And why should our professional organization exemplify the worst in web usefulness? And the search function? Get out.