Am I Really Autistic? Self Test Results...

This is a self-test for Asperger's.

I scored a 37. Hmm.

There's a related article here.


An AS (or any sort of) diagnosis is useful only if you're struggling in your life and don't know why, or how to make things better. Many many folks are diagnosible, but cope quite well. For me, it was a big relief to finally understand why my daughter was so different. And she's old enough that she appreciates understanding why. She was doing a lot of repetitive vocalization today....I think it was more for entertainment than anything. But I joked, "you're such an Aspie." "Damn straight," was her reply. If you want to know more, OASIS is one of the best sites to get started at. One of the best books I've read about AS is called Songs of the Gorilla Nation: My Journey through Autism. It's the memoir of a woman who went through her life feeling different and out of place. It wasn't until she began observing, and later working with gorillas, that she began to understand human social interaction. It's a lovely and remarkable book. I could go on, but will be happy to talk off-list if you have any questions. rochelle at lisnews dot com.

That is a bad number, dude. I cannot remember how many movies, books, pieces of literature that reference the number 37 in some sort of negative fashion.Heck, my calculator had the number 37 in the serial number, and it went missing for two weeks! At least it was returned to me at some point.? Well, in that case, I guess the number 37 isn't so bad...

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