AFA may try again for filters at library


This story leads me to believe the battle is not over in MI.

The American Family Association could return with another proposal to install Internet filters at Herrick District if local officials fail to address the organization\'s concerns, members say.\"If working with the mayor, City Council and the Library Board don\'t produce satisfactory results, it remains an option to Holland citizens to place it on the ballot again,\" Gary Glenn, the state AFA director, said Wednesday.

Glenn, who predicts a different outcome in a second vote, said enough signatures could be gathered by an Aug. 15 deadline to put the issue back before voters in November.

\"Obviously, a win would have been a greater help, but our resolve to take this to communities across the state is not deterred,\" Glenn said.

His comments did not sit well with filter foes.

I certainly hope they would establish a constructive dialogue before delivering ultimatums,\" said Ann Arbor attorney Eric Grimm, a filter critic involved in Internet issues.

He paid $1,300 for a full-page ad in the Holland Sentinel.

\"I thought it was a very important bellwether vote,\" Grimm said. \"It shows exactly what the perception is of the American Family Association\'s effort nationwide to install secret censorship software in America\'s library.\"

Glenn took the loss in stride.

\"We may be saying in two weeks that while we lost the battle in Holland, just having the battle in Holland led to winning the war in the state Legislature.\"

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