Hailing the Heroes of Abu Ghraib

Although I think the prison abuses in Iraq are much wider than I think the administration wants to admit, I wanted to take a moment to publicly praise three heroic soldiers cited by name in the DoD report on Abu Ghraib:

a. (U) Master-at-Arms First Class William J. Kimbro, US Navy Dog Handler,
knew his duties and refused to participate in improper interrogations despite significant pressure from the MI personnel at Abu Ghraib.

b. (U) SPC Joseph M. Darby, 372nd MP Company discovered evidence of abuse and turned it over to military law enforcement.

c. (U) 1LT David O. Sutton, 229th MP Company, took immediate action and stopped an abuse, then reported the incident to the chain of command.

May God bless all three of these soldiers who put what was right above obedience and feelings of vengence. I hope the President invites all three of them to the White House and pins medals on them. It would be a potent symbol of the value we place on whistleblowing.

It'd be nice if the President announced an audit of our remaining detention facilities so Iraqis can see that we take action when not forced to do so by photographs and global outrage.

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