A new Studer

(Note: These pictures are gathered from internet sources and are not actual pictures of "my" tape machines)Last week I had my old Studer A807:

< img src=http://www.stefansen.org/music/studer/Studer_A807/Studer_A807_C.jpg">
Picture from: http://www.stefansen.org

... replaced with a (probably equally old) Studer A810:
< img src=http://www.stefansen.org/music/studer/StuderA812small.jpg">
Picture from: http://www.stefansen.org
I am missing the shuttle that I used to have on the 807 but the 810 seems to be a better-built machine and has its own way of tape review using slower tape speeds. It also has the means to adjust levels on each channel so I am rid of the 70s-era graphic equalizer that I have been using to adjust levels up to now. This should make for better dubs as there is now one less console and set of cables in the chain.

One of the first things I have dubbed with the A810 is a premiere recording of John Cage's Roratorio a wild festival of live Irish folk musicians, narration consisting of James Joyce excerpts read by the composer and various samples pre-recorded on tape and played during performance.

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