Vietnam, Deferrals, and Me

The has Cheney's Five Draft Deferments During the Vietnam Era Emerge as a Campaign Issue as a story today (one of the top 25 most emailed stories).

I was born in 1968. At the time my dad was close to 25 years old. I think I was a Vietnam baby: one of the ways my dad got a deferral. My brother was born 2 years later. I don't know the details, but I think he could be a Vietnam baby too. I think my dad proposed to my mom (after the second date IIRC) to get a deferral. Went to school full time to get a deferral. Changed his major, stayed in school even longer to get a deferral...

Now, I could be wrong.

Does anyone know of a website that explains draft rules during the 1960s and the ways to get a deferral at various times?

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