everyone else is doing it

1. Owns a cat(s)?
No, I'm allergic.

2. Drives small sensible, economical car?
Honda V6

3. Wears comfortable, sensible shoes?
Fluevogs rule!

4. Reads constantly?
Majored in English, so yes.

5. Never goes out?
I like to relax at home.

6. Sexually inexperienced?
You don't need to know ;)

7. Friends are all librarians?
Many of my friends are.

8. Could care less about fashion?
I read the occasional fashion magazine, and if I got paid more than a librarian's salary I could buy myself some trendy stuff, no problem.

9. Leans to the left when it comes to politics?
Yes. But only because the left is right, I mean corect :)

10. Was a nerd in high school?
I went to a special high school just for nerds :)

11. Wears hair in a bun?
Too short, but I have used pencils as hairsticks to keep my hair out of my eyes (only at my desk).

12. Is constantly covered in dust?
I'm allergic to dust.

13. Librarian by day/Bacardi by night?
I'd prefer some Bass Ale.

14. Do you wear glasses?
Contact Lenses.

15. Are you female?

16. Abilities in the yarn arts?
I taught myself how to knit recently!

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