not-so creepy puppets..

There seems to be a rash of creepy puppets invading libraries recently. Shoe's library has some and mine does. Mine are leaving Thursday, I think. Well tonight I went to see the troupe perform a history of marionettes. It was soo cool. Most of the marionettes were around 100 years old. By far, the coolest one was a shapeshifter. It took 4 puppeteers, and had 3 distinct puppets... it was dark and amazing to watch. I wish I could describe it but I don't think I could do it justice, it was something you just had to see.

Now, the creepy puppets have been on display and were not involved with tonights performance. I will admit that some of the displayed puppets were quite cool. There was one of the Snow Queen which was beautiful. However, the rest were just creepy. Thankfully, they will be gone soon. The troupe will be missed though. It was the Puppentheater Magdeburg from Magdeburg, Germany. They were wonderful. Here's their website as translated by google.

My library has a webpage for the puppets that we own (which are not as creepy). All in all, it was a great way to spend the eve of my birthday. Surrounded by friends and weird little puppet creatures. :-)


The week after National Library Week is Take Away the Creepy Puppet Week, as ours supposedly left yesterday.

Glad you enjoyed the show... Me, personally, I'll stick with sock puppets.

LOL.. Fortunately for me (as I was sitting in the middle of the theater), these weren't the creepy puppets. Cute doggies and a ballerina. I think they left creepy ones outside in the lobby to scare the children.

Sock puppets rule!

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