I love timed access

Moreover, I love all of you who encouraged me to make the computers card access. It has helped tremendously in getting people to pay their fines off.

Funny how people accept the computer's determination of when their machine is available. I mean, true, it is ruthlessly fair. But whereas people would hedge over and make noise and in general be nuisances about ten minutes before their turn was coming due, now (wonder of wonders) they actually get up, get a newspaper or magazine, and sit and read while they wait. I think it gives a sense of security.

There were some kiddies using the computers today. Kiddies meaning that I think they still had juvenile cards. I made a note on the circ computer that no kiddies were to use those computers. If they need mom and dad's permission upstairs, they sure as hell need it downstairs. I spoke to them once about playing games. They got a little rambunctious and one of them clocked the monitor mighty hard with his fist, trying to hide the email he was writing from his friends.

The support staff hasn't quite been adhering to the seventh grade and above rule that I thought I laid down.

Today I decided to test the filter some. Okay, every informational site about breast cancer, rape, and sex change operations I had no trouble getting to. I could even get to quite a few, er, non-informational ones. I would so like to see exactly how this is configured... I've written to the systems office that is currently maintaining the proxy server. I hope they can pass along some information.

This has got to be the weirdest job ever. I am supposed to look for questionable materials, and sometimes my bosses look over my shoulder to view the stuff and don't get upset. Actually, it's quite uncomfortable for me. I've never been one to really talk about any of my relationships with people I work with... well, at least, not that aspect of my relationships... so viewing stuff like this with people around that I've only known a few months and who hired me... well, that's a little uncomfortable. It is part of the job though. And who said librarianship was all about shushing?

That being said, I'm also one of those people that believes there's a time and place for at least some types of "adult entertainment". I don't actively buy the stuff, but I certainly don't see a problem with someone buying a magazine if that's their thing. I just don't want them reading it in a public place. And sure as hell not on my watch.

New Librarian Discovery Number 5: Boy, do I love to shush.

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