Book in Spanish (Help)

I need to find the book, Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam in spanish. I went to the spanish section of Amazon and had no luck. They may have the book but I am very poor at navigating webpages in spanish and could have missed the book. If you have experience buying books in spanish could you let me know where I can buy this book in spanish. I went to the author's website and he indicated that the book was in spanish and gave a link to Amazon. If you have any guidance feel free to email me at [email protected]


I checked Baker & Taylor and Libros sin Fronteras and didn't find evidence of it. But I'm sure ol' Homey would be happy to talk to you. ;-)

Did an author and title search in Spanish on First Search and couldn't find it. Methinks it doesn't exist.

At Hickam website it mentioned that Orange County, Florida had used hsi book for a One City One Book program. For that program I thought they may have tried to obtain copies in Spanish so I emailed them to see if they had any suggestions. If that does not work I am going to try to contact Hickam via email.

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