Star Wars DVD

The first three Star Wars movies are being released on DVD. They are going to be released in September of this year. Currently it is the #1 selling DVD at Amazon. The box set list for $60 but Amazon is selling them for $42 (DVD at AMZN)
That is only $14 per movie, not bad!


Any special features on the DVDs other than the inevitable interviews with George Lucas?

I haven't heard of any special features. I have heard that these movies on DVD will be the remakes from the 1990's and not the originals that were in the theater in 1977. They cleaned up the visuals. I guess there were places in the original movie where you could see the blue screen effects. Also the scene with Jabba the Hutt at Mos Eisley is in the movie and the scenes where Han shoots Gredo is slightly different than the original.

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