Distance Learning and Libraries

My former boss managed to squirrel away some professional development funds for us this year (some of the librarians in other colleges in our system weren't as lucky) and I decided to go to the state distance learning association conference instead of a strictly library-related one. I've always been interested in distance learning and think libraries and librarians are an important aspect of the learning experience and need to be better integrated into online courses.

I'm not particularly happy with what my college has been doing to this point, though it is better than nothing. We have virtual librarians enrolled in the WebCT classes where instructors have asked for this, but the canned messages we post each week are rather unexciting. I worry about what information the students in the classes where the instructor didn't want a librarian assigned are getting and I think we need more interesting stuff online to appeal to both campus and distance learners.

This led me to wonder what other folks who dwell here on LISnews have been doing to work with distance educators in their colleges and universities, so I thought I'd post a journal entry and see if I get any response.

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