Egg Shortage in Manhattan?

The RNC on MTV? Good luck Mr.Gillespie. Just in case the studio windows can be opened, I suggest a plastic poncho at the ready.

For those unfamiliar with MTV's political endorsement policy, they prefer the subtlety of weaving political bias, liberal of course, within the context of a voter registration campaign. Back in 2000, "Rock the Vote" provided the perfect irony by assuring a Bush win by energizing a few of Nader's green anarchists.

The latest campaign, Choose or Lose, is a twist of demographic symbolism and admonishment. Obviously in response to November of 2000, when the Gen X and Y crowd found Real World reruns more relevant to their real world than voting in a federal election. The Choose or Lose parting tag line "What would the result have been if all of these people would have voted in 2000"? (paraphrase)

My question, where can I find a "NO MO WTO" bumper sticker?

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