I hate taking sick days

I hate taking sick days, but I think today I am forced to. What I thought was a brewing migraine seems to have yielded to a virus. At least, I have a fever. I went to work yesterday feeling crappy, and felt like I didn't really do my job properly. I hate that feeling too. Perhaps a day in bed will put things right. I just feel so guilty.

I previously worked a job (not in a library) where they would put you on a major guilt trip if you missed a day. I was in the hospital at one point, and they asked if I'd at least be in on Monday. Gee, guys, thanks for your concern. Anyway, now I have a hangover from that job, and I feel horribly guilty for missing a day, even though most people realize, that, er, that people do get sick.

I got the go ahead to employ a demo of the timed access software. The vendors, who shall remain nameless, are picking up the heat as far as saying, "Use mine instead!" Honestly, though, I think for our patrons and staff, less bells and whistles and less we have to adjust to is better.

I do have a copy of A Beautiful Mind (the DVD) on my desk that belongs to another library. Long story. I do hope it can wait another day before I call them to let them know the AWOL disk was returned by an embarrassed patron. Haven't we all returned boxes and left the DVD in the player before? I know I have.

For the record, no temporary library cards. Ever. I understood that, and I'm fairly sure you understand that. But man, do people ever want those temporary library cards. There must be a temporary library card black market.


I know the feeling. I hate taking sick days as well but that is what they are for. I am also a fellow migraine sufferer and have had a couple of attacks in the past couple of weeks. I left early and then I felt guilty. My other option was to sit at my desk and hold my head in my hands praying the pain stops.