random acts of shut down

What does the public do to computers? Honest to pete... I know that people have the tendency to want to really finish what they start and log out of the computer after they finish using the browser (and some staff members are having a hard time grasping if I disable log out, then no one can log out, public or staff). Logging out I don't mind. People have taken to shutting it off entirely. Either that, or it's crashing and no one is telling me.

Then the OS X iMac sat there, like a giant colorful paperweight, yesterday, while I tried to turn it on after one particular patron rolled through. This patron frequently says, "I don't know what I pressed." After trying to turn off and on several times, I started to get nervous. Nothing. No signs of life. What the hell was pressed this time?

Evidently the computer got moved, and the power cord came loose in the back. Thank you. Thank you. I didn't want to replace another iMac.

Someone suggested some donations I just might take. She didn't know the specs off hand, but they're running Windows 2000. That's a good sign anyway. I told her to call me back with the specs.

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