migraine time!

I get migraines, and I think there's been a doozy brewing all week. I can sort of tell when they're coming. I start getting nauseous, then losing feeling in my arms and legs intermittently, then I start seeing stuff out of the corner of my eyes. Today there was something black flitting around in my field of vision. We on occasion get bats in the library, but this wasn't a bat.

I can only pray it comes tomorrow, when I don't have to work. I feel mighty guilty if I have to take sick time only two and a half months into the job.

It was busy today. In a way I liked it. It made it go fast.

    Things that don't go fast in our library:
  • Horizon between noon and five
  • The internet between that same time
  • Windows boot up
  • The book on Quattro from our 005s.

    Things that do go fast:
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • Patrons out the door when we shut off the computers
  • Staff out the door at six

That is one thing I am continually amazed by. I worked retail in college, and we were virtually held prisoner by customers that came in 5:59 when we closed at six and proceeded to window shop for an hour. The managers would never kick people out. At the library, you get a fifteen minute warning and a five minute warning, and then things start shutting down.

Libraries are a beautiful thing.

Today I noticed that the assistant director has "librarian" handwriting. It's that lovely flowing script I guess they used to teach (from what I've heard.) I do wish they still taught it. I officially have what's known as chicken scratch.


Libraries are lousy places for us migraineurs. Fluorescent lights are a real killer for me. The worst migraine period I ever had was when I took a writing class a couple years ago, just for fun. There was a malfunctioning fluorescent in the room that had a weird buzz and vibration. Despite repeated requests to fix it, it remained all semester, and I frequently had to dash out of the room and leave class early. Since then, I've found a life-saving migraine med--Frova! When I feel a doozy coming on, I can take it, and still function, unlike the old school meds, which would knock me out. See if you can get a sample from your doc.

One of our neighbors suffers frequently from migraines and has tried a variety of things (including costly TMJ biteplates). Recently her chiropractor suggested applying ice to the back of her neck. The one time she has tried it, she said it helped. This makes some sense to me at least, because vasodilation supposedly plays a role in migraines. Applying cold to nerves near the head could well induce vasoconstriction as a reaction to conserve body heat.

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