A beginning

So my journal will be quite different from the others I have read here. I am a school librarian. I've been in this district for 12 years. I also live here, attended this school system and graduated from its high school . It's not the best, but certainly not the worst, either.

So today's trauma is this. Ths principal met me at the door this morning with e-mail from the ass. superintendent. The Governor is coming on Friday to meet with a woman's club. The woman's club has NOTHING to do with the school district but they are meeting here, in my school, in my library, at 11 in the morning. I must cancel 7 classes who are exchanging books, two classes coming for lessons, and make myself scarce for the day.
The stupidest part of this is we have early dismissal that day and we will all be gone by 1:15. But the meeting is at 11.
No consideration for the kids - or my program. E-gads.
So this may turn out to be a whinning journal. Sorry.



Welcome! Nice to have someone else from a school library around! Granted I'm at the elementary level and am an LT, not an MLS...but I'm sure there are similar frustrations.And even some joys!




Another school librarian here. At the previous school (elementary), I became very used to last minute programs, etc. that interrupted my day. My current boss (high school) is much better about asking and letting me know ahead of time what is going on.

My big frustration is the utter lack of technology. I have had a student workstation broken since December. No LCD panel. Just bought a camcorder this year. No digital camera. I am among the technology have nots over here.

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