Dumb question...

How do you "fan" people? I can see how to friend people but what is this "fan" thing??


Hi Samantha -I think I've got this right -- if you designate someone as a "Friend," then you show up as a "Fan" of theirs. I don't think there's any way to actively make someone a Fan.Similarly, if you were to mark someone as a "Foe," then you would appear on their list as a "Freak."I think.

Mock Turtle got the answer right, and wins a little gold star.You set your relationship with other LISNewsterz by clicking the the little face icons (, , ) that appear next to their name wherever they may have left a comment, or on their user page.If someone makes you a friend, they are now your fan. If you make someone a friend, then you are now a fan. Your Amigos Page lets you look at all your friends journals. Setting friends and foes also gives you more options on your Messages and Comments pages, where you can choose to highlight, or ignore, things based on relationships.

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