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Be nice to the cataloger

Dear Public,

Be nice to the cataloger, for she ultimately decides when you will see your book.

--The Library

Today is customarily local history day. What with the vacation going on this week and the kind of cold, nasty, overcast weather, I don't know what the turn out will be. There was a gentleman last week who promised to come back this week. Nice guy, young, looking for a history on his house for whatever reason. Honestly, there's not much we can help him with there. I was hoping for a good ghost story or something out of it, but his house is like the many others here, and not documented.

I am figuring I won't be in local history alone, or I'll not be there at all and just be in reference.

I found a good way to at least semi lockdown Opera... I can get into menu_standard.ini and do some alterations there, and at least remove entirely the temptation if not the ability to make changes. Not the easiest thing to find, and I spent a little too long last night playing with it.

To save time today, I saved the preliminary experimental ini file I made last night to disk to use at work today when setting up the internet terminal. I'd like to have that baby fired up today or tomorrow.

It's a nice even keel on school vacation week. There isn't the influx of kids that we get on school days at 2:30. There's kind of a nice regular steady stream of them. A couple come in here and there looking for trouble, but seeing little, they leave.

I have noticed more people coming in here and there asking, "Do you have books?" Um. What do you say to that? I mean, what do say to that and not get slapped?


Hi, I stopped in because I saw the entry title on the front page and, as a part time cataloger, I'm glad someone recognizes our awesome power :-)
And I've also noticed an increase in people coming and asking if we have books too. Maybe people are going blind or it's "Ask the Obvious Day" or something.

Whoo-hoo! Power to the catalogers! I have shared the quote with the other catalogers in my department, we got a good chuckle.

There used to be a website with the collection of dumb reference questions. Although, I did find on Warrior Librarian an Answer Generator. Look in the Archives section. Might help answer the dumb questions like "Are you open?".

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