The Trouble with Horowitz - A reply to nbruce

Hi nbruce,

For some reason, the system prevented me from posting the response below to your comment. So I posted it in my journal.

I appreciate you holding my feet to the fire and searching his site. I should have done so first and now I have. In my original comment I said:

"In his FrontPage Magazine, he has denounced librarians and others as traitors. If he ran a college, I'm positive there would be a lengthy list of people forbidden to step foot on his campus."

So now I'd like to share a couple of FrontPage articles about librarians AND OTHERS listed as traitors:

The Fifth Column Left Declares War
By David Horowitz | March 17, 2003

"We have long warned on these pages that the peace movement is not about peace, that it is a fifth column communist movement to destroy America and give victory to our totalitarian enemies."

The ALA Library: Terrorist Sanctuary
By Paul Walfield | May 8, 2003

The American Library Association has signed up for battle in the War on Terrorism; unfortunately, it has signed up to fight the Bush Administration and the USA PATRIOT Act. Siding with civil libertarians against public safety is just the ALA’s most recent leftist act of political defiance. However, this is their most corrosive stance for the well-being of all Americans, undermining and sabotaging public efforts to stave off terrorism."

Stab in the Back
By David Horowitz | February 12, 2004

" The Democrats’ campaign is a stab in the back not only of the President but of the nation he serves and which he is sworn to protect."

Treason, named in the first article and strongly implied in the second and third articles, is an extremely serious charge. It merits the death penalty. It implies immediate and grave harm has been done to the country.

If Mr. Horowitz and his fellow writers TRULY believe that their opponents in the peace movement and the American Library Association are traitors to this country, then they are in effect, advocating for the imprisonment or death of those enemies. I think it's safe to say these folks would not be invited to any venue that Mr. Horowitz controlled.

If the writers at FrontPage don't believe their opponents are traitors who want to "destroy America and give victory to our totalitarian enemies" then they should stop poisoning legitimate policy dicussions with such labels.

Having said all that, I still think Mr. Horowitz should be free to make speeches on college campuses or anywhere else.


I've run a search/find on the word Traitor in all these articles and can't find that he has called anyone that, nor did I find evidence that if he had the power, he would block speakers from appearing on a campus to present ideas he disagrees with. He doesn't like ALA much, but he'd have to get in a long line for that.

I concede I cannot prove that Mr. Horowitz would ban people from speaking at venues he cannot control.

However, you can't convince me that a man who uses the phrase "a stab in the back not only of the President but of the nation he serves and which he is sworn to protect" to describe people who have policy differences with the current administration as a free speech advocate.

Since we're now well and truly bogged down in the land of opinions versus verifible facts, I am tabling this discussion until such time as Mr. Horowitz becomes a college president.

- Daniel

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