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Since this is the weekend of all things romantic, I thought I'd muse on this "relationship" thing on Slashdot/LIS News. I've had a lot of fun annointing complete strangers as friends (virtual strangers? virtual friends?), but I haven't wanted to call anybody a foe as yet. Recalls the days of the two sides of the playground in second grade. Also, the neutral guy looks a little more threatening than just "neutral." Have you designated anyone as a foe, and what transpired after that? Your opinions are welcome...and have a happy V-day.


Nope, just friends. And pretty much all of them are virtual. I don't label friends on LISNews or elsewhere based on political or ideological similarities to myself. In real life and online, I choose 'friends' based on honesty and openness. Those who are willing to share their thoughts, be fair, and not attack those with different views. Especially political, which usually divides people. I'm a conservative, but that doesn't mean I don't agree with my liberal friends on a lot of things.Placing someone as a foe just doesn't sound very good to me.

McBride's comment got me to thinking.... I only knew of one user with any "foes" so I took a look in the Db, and suprisingly there are 28 people marked as foes by 9 different people. A total of 147 people have marked 489 others as either friends or foes. It seems like most people who have chosen a relationship are UIDs 200, which means they were mostly early adopters. I need to make some kind of a meta page for this system, it should be an interesting thing to browse through.Luckily everyone who has made a choice has chosen me as a friend (so far).

Consider yourself friended. *grin*

Very tweet of you...

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