the inaugural entry

well, i suppose this first entry should serve as my introduction; my coming out if you, let's see -- i'm in library school at an unnamed state university. i love my classes; hate my classmates. i've also been looking for a full-time job for the past nine months after finishing my first master's degree which has been a full-time job in itself and one with no financial gain so far. i recently moved back home with my parents and thus have been enjoying a not so slow descent into hell, but i digress...i believe in free access to information, so if you want to know -- just ask.


ok, speaking from the parental side, I can understand the "descent into hell" thing, but at least they let you sleep/eat/reside there...? You too will (possibly) one day be a parent and be forced to accomodate your fully-grown child in the ancestral home. give 'em a break...

Hope your life starts to turn around soon.

That's something I don't recall hearing in library school--that you love the classes and not your classmates. Many people say the opposite. I liked both.

How nice you have a home to go to, and perhaps you can help them out.

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