First time!

Hey, I just realized I've never posted in this crazy thing. I'm not sure I have much to share at this time, but I can't leave a feature unexplored. I have a LiveJournal and also a Blogger account but I am too lazy to post anything there. It's a bad precedent for the future state of this journal.

Feel free to leave me a comment or friend me or make me feel like I matter in some small way.


You matter! You are good! God don't make junk...

Um, hi. Please consider this your official welcome from the LISnews welcoming committee. No gift basket or sheet cake, unfortunately (Blake--you are investigating a corporate gift program, right? You know, tasteful, logo-ed letter openers to new accounts, cheese products and summer sausage for the holidays, and 3-day spa trips for those who reach 100 karma...)

Home with a sick kid today. Not that I am ever happy that my kids are sick, but I do appreciate an unscheduled day off when I'm not sick.

I second Rochelle on both counts! Every human being has value simply because they are made by God.If you're not religiously inclined, take Carl Sagan's view that Consciousness is how the universe comes to know itself. Consider also that every atom in our bodies came from deep within a star -- scientific fact. We are literally formed from the materials of the stars.Welcome to LISNews, the home of second chances for bloggers. Know that I had tried on blogger and blogspot but those came to nothing. Now I've been able to hang on for several months -- which is a few months more than I've done before. Perhaps this will go better for you!

Thanks so much for the welcome. That spa trip sounds'd give us something to work toward! :-)

Hope your kid is feeling better...that's no fun.

I am already doing a bit better on this blog since I am actually checking in with it! Thanks so much for the welcome and the words of wisdom :-)

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