Peace in our time?

ALA, like Neville Chamberlain, has embarked upon a policy of appeasement with Castro's Cuba. Placation with furrowed brow, rather than an unseemly resolution that would neatly tuck the organization in the same bed of George Bush and John Aschroft. ALA will pass on this ménage a trois.

Instead we (at least I) get this email. Pasted with the pride only Chamberlain could have felt when his BOAC parked him, his haughty moustache, and his Berchtesgaden stationary amid a crowd of Londoners wanting peace. They didn't know better....we do. So I offer this reply given to me by ALA.

And so we have "peace in our time"?


Hi Tomeboy,If you get a few moments, I'd like a fuller explanation of how the e-mail you got is like the letter Chamberlin brought home from Munich. Two problems I can see right up front are:1) Britain and France had it in their collective power to stop Germany. Last time I looked, ALA had neither army nor air force to stop Castro with. I'm sure he has the same disdain for ALA resolutions that Atty Gen Ashcroft has.2) Chamberlin dealt directly with Hitler and accepted his empty promises. When the ALA President goes to Havana and comes back promising "Intellectual Freedom in our time," I think your analogy will have better legs.Not related to your analogy, it sounds like the ALA rightly called for the end of the amazingly ineffective Cuban embargo, which has held back the outside world for years. Let's call Castro's bluff -- Let's tell him that we'll completely drop the embargo if he'll allow the free sale/giveaway of American books, magazines and movies. If he can't live with that, the responsibility for the embargo falls squarely on Castro's shoulders.

Sorry for the belated reply. I missed your post.

Of course ALA doesn't have the power to change Fidel. They also lack the resources to affect Putin, Sharon, Saddam, Bin Laden, Bush, Arafat and Sharon. Of course they certainly didn't mind taking a stand with these latter folks.

Your right. This is an analogy. But I stand behind it

This pathetic form letter?? This is ALA’s response to the Cuban librarians?? Librarians held in some crumbling concrete Gulag probably built by Soviet architects permitted a vacation by Breschnev? This from an organization that has no compunction speaking out for Palestinians in what many characterized as anti-Semitic, anti Israeli remarks? (see “ALA's Palestine Statement Slammed; Israeli librarians' charge taken up in New York--based Jewish Press�, LJ 2/01/03) This from an organization that has no compunction ripping GW on Iraq? This from an organization that has made a cottage industry scaring the hell out of Americans about Aschroft coming to take them away?

Daniel the hypocrisy is more than shameful. It’s insidious. Why? Because this is about ideology, particularly anything that smacks of Bush, Rice, Cheney, or anyone in that “red� part of that political map.

Cowardly. Yes. Chamberlain cut and run, and so did ALA, figuratively of course. The only reason ALA wants to discontinue sanctions is because Bush doesn’t. Try finding anything about ALA calling for an end to sanctions under Clinton. In fact, try to find anything from ALA when Clinton was bombing the Serbs, invading Haiti, Somalia, etc. (what about the antiquities that were pillaged and damaged in these countries??).

Yes, this does get me a bit riled Daniel. But this organization is pushing American libraries off the cliff. Half of this country is “red�. These “red� or perhaps “red necks� to ALA also happen to be taxpayers.

Make sense??

Daniel you write >> Last time I looked, ALA had neither army nor air force to stop Castro with. I'm sure he has the same disdain for ALA resolutions that Atty Gen Ashcroft has.

This is my point. ALA did not agree to a resolution on this. If failed miserably.

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