Some End O' The Month Stats

January is as good as over so it seems like a good time to look back at 2004 and see how things are going. First, a bit on referrals to LISNews. Google 14,308 (3,300 for the week), Yahoo, 4,056 (945). That's the number of referrals LISNews got this month. I'm mentioning that because of the fact that Yahoo has dropped, or is going to drop google soon, and some people seem to think that's a big deal. I'm thinking nothing will change for most sites, but it'll be interesting to watch. MSN is third at 1972 (441), and AOL is a distant 4th at 728 (192). Overall google accounts for almost 54% of all search engine referrals, and that's just It's rare that a non-search engine, non-rwss reader shows up in the top ten, this week Jessamyn has sent well over a hundred surfers our way. memepool sent a whopping 2,000 folks our wa for the month as well.

There were 3 RSS files in the top ten most popular pages this month. We had a daily average of just over 4,000 people a day, about 51,000 hits a day, and we served about 11,000 pages a day.

I'd also say this is the month the Journals really got interesting. Overall the journals were read about 20,000 times this month. The most popular being:
shoe 641
nbruce 578
Blake 387
Daniel 323
birdie 292
Rochelle 284
djfiander 266
AshtabulaGuy 193
Bibliofuture 134
madcow 128
donwarnersaklad 128
mcbride 127
Karl 122
Great Western Dragon 118
singingbelle 115
daidy 107

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