Who's Your Governor?

Upon reading about the Florida state library and its proposed exile by Governor Jeb Bush, I've concluded that there are a lot of strange governors out there. How did they get elected? Well, we sort of know how Gov. Schwartzenegger got elected (at least it hasn't left our collective memories as yet)... Same goes for my governor, George Pataki, former mayor of Poughkeepsie ...how did HE make it to the Governors mansion? Who's your governor, and how's he/she doing? Please add your comments...especially you Connecticut residents.


Do you have a link? I'm not sure to what you're referring.

It was right here on yesterdays LIS News:

A CA state judge has ruled that Gov. Schwarzenegger broke a campaign finance law by using a $4.5 million bank loan to cover campaign costs as election/recall day drew near.NYT story. And this is the guy Californians chose to straighten out their finances?

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