Minneapolis library out of answers


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The pictures of child molestation, bestiality and other hardcore pornography were as shocking as they were graphic. But just as shocking was the place they were found - on computers at the downtown Minneapolis Public Library.

\"You\'d think a library would be a safe place, but I won\'t bring my daughter back there.\"

They have heard of related acts of sex and violence that have occurred in the library. They have heard that anyone walking through the library can see pornography on computers.

Some librarians wonder if their rights are being violated. Forty-seven of the approximately 140 downtown library employees signed a public letter of protest saying they feel \"harassed and intimidated by working in a public environment\" where they might \"be exposed to degrading or pornographic pictures.\"

Click on read more for a few more...\"We don\'t set the morality for the country,\" Lawson said. \"We can\'t control the Internet. We are trying to minimize the objectionable material that people don\'t want to see. But unless we can prove that someone has come in and deliberately tried to offend someone, we may not have cause to tell them to stop. Those people have a right to privacy, too.\"

Virginia Pear, a librarian for 12 years, said: \"My issue is not with the right to view pornography, although we keep seeing things that express a violence toward women. But when a man doing patent research sends me a note saying the gentleman next to him is distracting him because he\'s watching bestiality, I draw the line.\"

\"We\'re not trying to analyze why people look at pornography at the library,\" librarian Mary Kay Harris said. \"The issue is having the staff get sucked into controlling what\'s going on. It\'s draining.\"

\"The purpose of having the Internet at the library is not to view obscene materials,\" said Rod Krueger, a member of the Minneapolis Library Board. \"It\'s for education. We\'re learning that we have a very difficult situation on our hands.\"

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