Librarian Paparazzi

I'm starting to feel like I'm going to have to start beating off photographers. More than a few people here at work, who never otherwise talk to me, have asked me about my OLA talk, and now I'm one of the most popular journals!

Somebody say something to deflate my ego! ;-)


...but don't expect to be elected President.

Well, I can't be anyway, since I wasn't born in the US.

This isn't me letting it go to my head, it's more me amazed at the attention, which I hardly think I deserve.

By asking what OLA is. I'm ignorant and your conference is obscure, at least to me!

Having said that, it sounds like your talk topic was interesting. Are the notes/slides for it web accessible?

It's the Ontario Library Association, which is the provincial library association in Ontario Canada (duh). This conference is the largest library conference and trade show in Canada.

And I hope that it will be interesting, since I'm not presenting for a couple of weeks yet. I doubt that I'll have anything suitable for posting to the web, though, since the slides will be pretty sparse, and primarily supporting me talking for an hour, rather than an outline. The talk is not at all 'research' based, but purely anecdotal, but I suspect that my anecdotes will resonate with a lot of different libraries going through some of the same things.

Ohio Library Association? Oregon Library Athletes? Oklahoma Literary Action? Only Librarians Actually?


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