Evil, thy name is Mac

Our email terminal did something very uncool yesterday at 4:55 pm. It's an iMac or an eMac or an aMac or whatever the hell flavor it is.

A librarian came down as I was doctoring yet another computer and said, "It's flashing a question mark!"

So it was. I know diddly-squat about Macs, but it was evident that when you do a hard reset, and a smiley face and a folder with a question mark come flashing on your screen at start up, that there is a major problem.

First off, though, what's up with that flipping smiley face? I'm not seeing what I want to see... The systems librarian is most definitely not smiling. It's like the hunk of circuitry was mocking me.

Haha, new girl, I'm not going to staaaar-aaaart! Haha!

Since it was 4:55, and I planned on getting out of there at five, I wasn't going to tangle with Mr. Mac. I find most patrons hate that terminal anyway (even though, yes, it is always busy). So today, Mr. Mac is on the agenda. After the print station, but before then LAN reticent Dell on my desk. And somehow, I have to work in my training period on reference.

To the person who zorched our startup file (as this is what I think probably happened): Couldn't you at least have waited till my third week?


If you had a Windows system go down, you'd have a lot to cry about. The Mac is pretty easy to troubleshoot.

So I'm told... I guess I'm just intimidated by Macs because I'm not as familiar with them. A PC, even with it's ever so descriptive "a fatal error has occured on c000006x" message, is at least something I have taken apart before.

But I guess there's no time like the present to learn, huh? And I did find a webpage on replacing hard drives in Macs, if my hopeful reinstall doesn't work.

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