Deep, cleansing breaths

I am nervous. I am wicked nervous, as they say in my neck of the woods. Plus, I predict a bad hair day for my first day of work. Not that my hair is ever particularly good or anything, but it's supposed to sleet tomorrow.

It's good to be employed after doing the student thing. I am scared to death, but I will keep telling myself that.

No,really, it is.

You know, the ubercomputer, which I am sitting at now, is the love of my cyberlife (my real life is dominated by my love for Paul, alas). Sure, you boot it up and it sounds like a jet taking off, but it's just so speedy and cool. No, I mean cool. If you had twelve fans in you you'd be cool too.

I am running a dual Win2k/SuSE Linux 9 set up on it. It's overkill to run Linux on this chip, for sure, but hey. Of course, I know guys running Linux on X Boxes. Any excuse to run Linux is a good excuse to run Linux.


Good luck with the new job! It might be nerve wracking at first but it gets easier!

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