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I had a chance to read CS Lewis' "Commentary on the Psalms" today. I can definitely recommend this book for anyone interested in the Psalms. Very down to earth, as many of his books are. Not a psalm by psalm annotation, but a series of essays on different themes.

Another book I've started reading is called Sun in Glory and other Tales of Valdemar, edited by Mercedes Lackey. Those familiar with the world of Valdemar will enjoy this book, even though they are written by other writers.

Strangely, even though this isn't a religious book, there is a wonderful prayer that I wanted to share with whomever might be interested. Although the prayer is addressed to Vkandis the Sunlord, the sentiment can be adapted to any faith tradition of good will:

"Vkandis Sunlord, Giver of Life and Light, be with us today. We praise you, we honor you, we keep you in our hearts and minds. What is good and true, help us to do and become. What is hateful and cruel, aid us in denying. We offer this day to you, Sunlord, and seek your blessings on all that we do."

Praise the Lord -- Keep him in our hearts and minds. Help us to do what is good and true. Help us reject what is hateful and cruel. God we offer this day to you and ask your aid in our work during it.

That seems like as sincere a prayer as you can get! Would that more of our national leaders who claim Christianity would pray that prayer!

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