And the countdown starts...

Monday I start my new (first and only, except for a weakling internship at the Museum of Science) library job. Yes, I am a new systems/reference librarian at the local public library. I'm scairt.

They tell me scairt is good, sometimes.

I just finished my MLS from Simmons. I went mostly three quarters time, except for the summers.

And I finally signed on for a LISNews account. Been meaning to. Then the stupid stock heatsink and fan broke on the good computer, and then Linux went away while I had the fan on order... and I really didn't want to deal with the annoying pop ups on the Compaq and evil IE...

I was a real beyoch without my good computer. You know, more than I usually am. ;)


Hey Shoe,
Have a great first week. A noble profession, so
don't be too bee-otchy now.

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